Saturday, 6 June 2015

Cisco Provides Downloads SHA-512 Checksum

To prevent attackers from adjusting the integrity of downloaded files without users have this by networking giant Cisco has decided all images that users can download to give a SHA-512 checksum instead of the widely used MD5.

By using an algorithm as MD5 or SHA-512, there can be generated a checksum of a file. The checksum then makes it possible to check the integrity of a download. If the checksum on the website matches the checksum of the file calculated by the user himself, he can assume that the content is not modified.

The problem is that there are vulnerabilities in MD5 found that an attacker could modify a file without changing the checksum.The Flame virus was several years ago using here. SHA-512, according to Cisco therefore a safer alternative. How the checksum of a file can be calculated puts Cisco in this article from which the shasum tool is used.

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