Saturday, 6 June 2015

Skype Botnet Spread Adware Disabled

Researchers in collaboration with Amazon and Microsoft disabled a botnet that focused on Skype users and adware spread. The botnet's popular VoIP software used to infect users. The criminals behind the botnet used all kinds of usernames called Skype users and immediately hanged. The username pointed to an area where there is a video message would wait.

On the website in question, however, was offered a file called VideoPlayer.exe adware which turned out to be. According to the website users had to install the file if they did not see the video message. To disrupt the botnet, researchers from PhishMe first look at the IP addresses used. It appeared that the cyber criminals used Amazon for their hosting. The researchers then warned that Amazon could take the Internet giant steps.

Furthermore, Microsoft was informed so that it could tackle the usernames that were used for the distribution of adware. "If users are trained to recognize suspicious cases, the amount of information you get back a hundred-fold increase," says Ronnie Tokazowski of PhishMe. In this case you could use the information of a user who PhishMe eventually be warned disordered many adware campaign.

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