Saturday, 13 June 2015

Microsoft Sees Old Ask Toolbar As Unwanted Software

Microsoft security software sees old versions of the Ask Toolbar, which include the installation of Java is included, henceforth as unwanted software. Late last year, the software giant announced that measures would be taken against toolbars and other programs that change browser settings, unsolicited.

Toolbars for many users is a major source of annoyance. It also happens often that the default search engine users is adjusted and it is very difficult to change back the original engine. In late May Microsoft let them know that it was also customize this software. The new measures would take effect on June 1, and it seems that the software giant has kept his promise.

Old versions of the Ask Toolbar, given the large number of topics on its removal for many users a real plague , is now classified as unwanted software. This allows a user on Slashdot know, taking to an article in the malware encyclopedia indicates Microsoft. According to the description the Ask Toolbar Microsoft considers a "high threat" that can be removed by Windows Defender, Microsoft Security Essentials and Microsoft Safety Scanner.

Since the message on Slashdot the news was taken up by other media, which again for a response from and Microsoft seems to have created. Indeed, there is an update posted in the encyclopedia, which now reported that the most recent version of the Ask Toolbar is not considered unwanted software.

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