Wednesday, 10 June 2015

McAfee: Lock Gate And Scan Zip Files Against Ransomware

Companies and organizations that want to protect themselves against ransomware are wise to block Tor and some files and staff to continuously train. This enables anti-virus company McAfee in a new quarterly report ( pdf ). In the first three months of this year the number of new ransomware variants with 165% and also for the future expected the virus fighter many new ones.

To protect themselves against ransomware can companies do take various measures. Besides making backup is recommended to block Tor. "Blocking Gate frequent the ransomware can get the RSA public key of the control server, which will block the encryption process of ransomware," the researchers said.

Furthermore, companies are advised to use a spam filter to block certain file types. Most ransomware generally starts with an e-mail containing a link or attachment. When it comes to unusual formats like .scr is it is easy to block those. In case companies do not block zip files is recommended to scan at least on two levels.


Finally it is advisable to keep users continuously train. "Most ransomware attacks start with phishing emails, awareness of users is essential and necessary. For every ten emails sent to attackers statistics show that at least one will be successful," said the researchers. Which therefore advise not to open any e-mail or attachments from unknown or unverified senders.

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