Saturday, 7 November 2015

1,56,000 UK Customer Data ISP TalkTalk Stolen

During the attack on the British ISP TalkTalk which took place on October 21 stolen the data of over 156,000 customers, according to company research. For a long time it was unclear whether the attackers had managed to steal customer data and how many people would go then.

For example, take into account that the dates of possible 4 million customers were captured. Two weeks after the incident TalkTalk now determined the true scope of the attack. Thus, the data of more than 156 000 customers are approached. Of these customers are then more than 15,000 account numbers and bank codes approached. Furthermore, 28 000 partially unrecognizable credit and debit card numbers seen by the attackers.

In a declaration, the provider that the size of the attack is much smaller than was assumed in the first instance. "And we can confirm that the sensitive personal data of only 4% of TalkTalk customers at risk." The provider calls it a difficult decision to warn all customers about the risk before the actual extent of the data loss was apparent. Meanwhile, all customers are informed whose financial data have been accessed. How the attackers were able to gain access to the data is still not disclosed. Because of the attack are four suspects arrested, including three teenagers.

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