Thursday, 26 November 2015

Apple Users Slow To Install iOS Updates

Apple users are slow to install iOS updates, with 86% of users of an iPhone or iPad a week after the release of iOS nine still was not upgraded. This enables the US security firm Duo Security on the basis of its own research.

After the end of the second week since the release of iOS nine had 25% of users install the new iOS version. A month after the launch of iOS ninth was around 40% switched from the investigated users. It also showed that many users use very outdated versions like iOS 7 or older. According Duo Security has serious security risks.

The latest iOS versions namely remedy several vulnerabilities that an attacker with physical access to bypass the screen lock. This makes it possible to gain access to messages, view photos or bypass other security measures. Organizations therefore be advised to have their iOS users to emphasize the importance of updates, especially given the ease of iPads and iPhones are updating.

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