Friday, 6 November 2015

BlackBerry Comes With Monthly Android Updates

Smartphone manufacturer BlackBerry is echoing include Google and Samsung also monthly Android updates will roll out, as it has announced. In the case of very serious Android leaks from the patch cycle will be rejected and the updates are immediately dispersed.

BlackBerry receives, like other manufacturers, each month a list of Google with recently discovered vulnerabilities in the Android platform. A month later, Google announced these vulnerabilities. According to David Kleidermacher BlackBerry is therefore important that the updates previously been patched. The smartphone manufacturer will therefore be rolling out monthly updates. The updates are currently only for the BlackBerry Priv, the privacy of the telephone company.

In the case of very serious vulnerabilities, for example, which are remote exploits, BlackBerry can intervene earlier.Depending on the severity of the vulnerability, the complexity of the update and time in relation to the monthly patch cycle, BlackBerry will roll out a "hotfix". In that case, the update for the problem is rolled out directly among users. Before rolling out the BlackBerry hotfixes working together with partners, but if necessary, the smartphone manufacturer may choose to distribute the update directly without the intervention of third parties.

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