Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Servers Dozens Of Sites Encrypted By Ransomware Linux

The Linux ransomware which since last week to be warned is to encrypt the web servers of dozens of websites know. This is evident from the Google search results. The search engine indexes namely encrypted web servers, so says Mikko Hypponen at anti-virus firm F-Secure.

This involves both unpatched WordPress and Magento websites, including websites that are ready or put ever tested and forget. Through the vulnerabilities attackers can execute the ransomware on the Web server, which then encrypts files and leaves a text file with instructions. This text file is indexed by Google. To decrypt prompted an amount of 1 bitcoin files, which with the current exchange rate corresponds to 333 euros.

Victims, however, do not have to pay, because the Romanian antivirus company BitDefender discovered a flaw in the way the ransomware encrypts files, making it possible to free decrypt the files. A researcher at F-Secure estimates the criminals in one month have earned almost 12,000 euros. That would mean that 36 people have paid.

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