Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Adobe Flash Player Most Attacked Software

Adobe Flash Player is the most attacked software on the Internet, according to the US company Recorded Future, on the basis of its own research. For the study were analyzed for more than one hundred exploit kits. These are programs that use vulnerabilities in software to fully automated and without requiring users to install malware on computers this notice.

Of the 10 most attacked vulnerabilities exploitable by kits are there in Flash Player 8. The other two attacked vulnerabilities present in Internet Explorer and Microsoft Silverlight. Most popular among cybercriminals vulnerability involves a flaw that Adobe Flash Player on February 2 this year patched. The survey also shows that Java, which was a favorite target in the past, from the radar of cyber criminals has disappeared.

Where criminals often in the past for some time using old vulnerabilities made, dating all attacked vulnerabilities in the Top 10 this year. Recorded Future suggests that companies should decide themselves whether to install the continuous flow of Flash Player updates a viable is an option. Otherwise, click-to-play "be used as a solution to prevent attacks.

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