Monday, 30 November 2015

British Woman For 2.3 Million Euros Ripped Through Dating Scam

In Britain, a woman for 2.3 million euros ripped through a dating scam. The woman met on a dating site a man posing as a wealthy engineer. After the man's wife had built a relationship she was asked during a period of 10 months for various loans. Eventually she made about 1.6 million pounds, converted 2.3 million.

Two of the gang members were sentenced last week. According to the British police in the past year 100 victims of dating fraud analyzed taking internet scammers managed to steal a total of 5.7 million euros. In addition, people walk not only on dating sites risk. Recently, a British woman approached via Skype and eventually ripped off for 360 000 euros.

British police advises Internet users who are talking with potential partners over the internet to pierce pathetic stories, and not by just letting a photo fooled. Also, people can not send money to people abroad that they have not met or barely know. Continue to be drawn to the question of potential online partners in doubt. Many scammers give all sorts of compliments and ask many questions, but tell little about himself.

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