Thursday, 12 November 2015

Malware Infected Tablets Sold On Amazon

On Amazon sold infected with malware Android tablets, which additional malware and adware can be installed and which can remove the malware and virus scanners ads as background can be set, so claims the Chinese anti-virus company Cheetah Mobile.

The Trojan also gives attackers remote access to the device. It would certainly go to 17 000 tablets Cloudsota which the Trojan was found. It is not a specific brand which supplies the contaminated tablets. We found more than 30 brands in total of which contaminated tablets are sold via online shops, including Amazon. Most tablets were found in Mexico, the United States and Turkey. Several customers complain to Amazon about the presence of the malware.

When an attempt is made ​​to remove the Trojan which will be installed automatically after a reboot. Cheetah Mobile advises online retailers to better control their suppliers. In addition, consumers are advised not to buy tablets from unnamed manufacturers in order to save money. The anti-virus company now has a removal tool for the Cloudsota Trojan put online.

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