Thursday, 19 November 2015

Amazon Makes Two-Factor Authentication

Amazon has quietly for the shop two-factor authentication enabled. The option is currently still stand out. Logging in Amazon normally goes with a username and password. But for added security, users can now also receive a code on their phone they have to fill in the login.

The introduction of two-factor authentication will the attackers more difficult for someone else to log on because they need to know in this case, both username and password, but also have access to the smartphone.

An employee of Engadget discovered the new option this week. According to reports on Twitter, Amazon would be the new two-factor identification introduced about two weeks ago.

Two-factor authentication is a widely used method to prevent abuse of login data. Other major Internet companies that offer this login method, include Google, Twitter and Facebook.

Who at Amazon wants to use the two-factor authentication, should go to their account settings and select it by changing the settings for 'advanced settings'.

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