Saturday, 7 November 2015

Linux Users Targeted By New Ransomware

Researchers from the Russian anti-virus company Doctor Web discovered ransomware which has provided the Linux Users. How the "Linux Encoder" ransomware is spreading the virus fighter does not know. The malware has to cater to webmasters and web servers.

Once the ransomware can start with administrator privileges which will include instructions on how to download a file with the victim and to encrypt files. It is in this case to files in home directories and directories associated with the administration of the website. After this, only encrypted files with specific extensions and specific directory names. The encrypted files are a .encrypted extensions.

There is also the file installed with instructions in any directory with encrypted files. It states that the victim must first bitcoin payment, equivalent to 360 euros. According to the ransomware Doctor Web created more than 10 victims. The anti-virus company advises victims to contact the technical department of the company. To decrypt it is that important as the virus fighter users can not modify them or remove the files, otherwise the encrypted data may be permanently lost.

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