Friday, 27 November 2015

FBI Warns Online Shoppers To Online Fraud

The FBI has the festive arrival of online shoppers for Internet fraud warning, as offers that are too good to be true. According to the police for criminals prepare themselves for the holidays and will try through creative scams to steal both money and private information.

Thus, Internet users are advised to not fall into offers that seem too good to be true. Also should be avoided websites that offer high discounts. Consumers should also pay attention to social media and installing smartphone apps, according to the FBI. Before an app downloaded from an unknown source users must first read reviews. In addition, some apps pose as game and are offered free, but in reality, trying to steal all kinds of personal information.

In addition to the FBI, the Computer Emergency Readiness Team of the US Government (US-CERT) Internet phishing, malware and other scams during the holidays warned. This will include recommended to purchase online to pay by credit card because it provides extra protection. Also, all online transactions should be printed before the arrive purchased products.

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