Tuesday, 10 November 2015

ProtonMail Collects $ 50,000 Against DDoS attacks

The encrypted e-mail service ProtonMail that make the past few days with DDoS attacks received is now back online and has raised $ 50,000 to protect themselves against such attacks. Because of the attacks users could not in their email.

Last Sunday, after three days of hard work, ProtonMail claimed victory over the attackers. Which had the free encrypted email service extorted. Initially ProtonMail went on to pay the amount requested, some $ 6,000. Despite paying the attacks continued. Because of the attacks decided ProtonMail to deploy additional protection against DDoS attacks.

According to the e-mail service are anti-DDoS solutions very expensive and can cost more than $ 100,000, which is a burden on the budget. Therefore, the public was asked for donations, some in three days, $ 50,000 has produced.

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