Thursday, 26 November 2015

Linux Ransomware Demanding $ 999 For Decryption

A new variant of ransomware that on Linux web servers has provided asking $ 999 for decrypting the encrypted files, but Russian victims to their files free of charge by cyber criminals leave decrypt.

Linux.encoder such as ransomware is called, has provided on WordPress websites and web shops running on Magento. The attackers know exactly how to get in is still not clear. Once active Linux.encoder encrypts all kinds of files on the server. Initially the early ransomware $ 50 to decrypt the files, but that rose to $ 500. However now discovered variant asks $ 999 for decryption and wants victims to pay within seven days.

In addition, the creators seem to make an exception for Russian victims, reports anti-malware company Malwarebytes. In one case was discovered there a Russian message. This states that if a Russian website, the files can be decrypted free. According Malwarebytes find the attacks probably is automated and may countrymen of the attackers who inadvertently website is encrypted in this way recover their files free of charge.

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