Saturday, 21 November 2015

Microsoft Improves Edge Browser In Windows 10

Microsoft has its Edge browser in Windows 10 safer. The browser is also resistant to unwanted DLL injections. The new version of Edge to Edge HTML rendering engine 13 that is built into Windows 10, no longer used by ActiveX and Browser Helper Objects. Allows the user is better protected against so-called binary injection attacks.

Browser hackers are a favorite target. If someone succeeds in an advertisement that the user sees, modify or add to it one, that person may earn a lot of money, Microsoft said. But hackers are increasingly using browser injections. The user notices this if, for example once a toolbar in the web browser has been added or if the browser home page surreptitiously changed.

Microsoft Edge that will not happen, writes Microsoft itself. The browser blocks unauthorized DLL injections, except as they are part of a Windows-based component, or in the case of a signed driver for a device. "Only DLLs that are labeled" Microsoft signed "have or Windows Hardware Quality Lab (WHQL) are signed, are allowed." According to Microsoft, the new enhancements make browsing with Windows faster, safer and more stable.

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