Sunday, 15 November 2015

WordPress Websites Frequent Target Of Attacks

WordPress websites are this year more often been the target of attacks than in previous years and are attacked more frequently than other applications. According to a report (pdf) from security firm Imperva. Researchers at the company looked at attacks against websites and web applications. Then it appears that content management systems (CMS) are attacked three times more often than non-CMS applications.

However, when it came to WordPress 3.5 more attacks. Furthermore, WordPress was seven times more often the target of spam and Remote File Inclusion- (RFI) attacks than non-CMS applications. The problem of WordPress is according to Imperva that all plug-ins and extensions for CMS are developed without security to play a role there. This creates ever new vulnerabilities. In addition, WordPress also based on the PHP programming language, according to the security company.

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