Friday, 6 November 2015

Extra Secure Tor Browser For Linux Launched

The creators of Tor Browser, the software for browsing through the Tor network, have released a security-enhanced version of Linux. It is the first time that the Tor Project offers a "hardened" version of Tor Browser. This browser includes a customized version of Firefox and Tor software.

The extra secure Tor Browser is based on the Tor Browser Alpha series. These are test versions of the browser that appear in the final versions. In addition, extra protection is added which should offer protection against memory exploits. For this are both the Tor software, and Firefox version Address Sanitizer compiled. This should give users a safer Tor Browser, especially if JavaScript is partially or completely disabled. It also helps to find problems earlier and to remedy them in the alpha and stable versions.

The additional security does have several disadvantages. Thus, this version is slower, consumes more memory and is slightly larger than the normal version. In addition, the added security of Address Sanitizer not perfect. An attacker who successfully back halls which it is practiced can still via JavaScript certain types of attack vulnerabilities. To date, the high-security Tor Browser only for Linux available, but is being given to versions for Mac OS X and Windows.

Tor Browser lets Internet users hide their IP address and visit censored websites. Every day, over two million people from all over the world using the Tor network, such as activists, people in totalitarian regimes and Internet users who value their privacy. The software is also used by criminals. Two years ago, users of legacy Tor Browser still the target of an attack allegedly by the FBI conducted. The attack users of the real IP address could be traced. To avoid Tor Browser Users with outdated versions meanwhile continue surfing is an automatic updater added to the browser.

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