Monday, 9 November 2015

Ransomware Gives Victims Deadline Of 24 Hours

Ransomware uses different ways to force victims to pay, but a new variant has a deadline of 24 hours, otherwise victims will lose all their files. The DecryptorMax-ransomware encrypts ransomware like other kinds of files on the computer.

Then a warning that must be paid. Unlike other ransomware, as CryptoWall the ransom amount doubles after a certain time, DecryptorMax victims gives 24 hours of time, otherwise the decryption key will be deleted and encrypted files will never be decrypted. According Botfrei, a German initiative of telecom providers and anti-virus companies, trying to intimidate the ransomware by the deadline victims. Yet that did not receive pay for the advice. There would be no evidence that paying victims recover their files.

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