Wednesday, 11 November 2015

British Banks: iPhone May Contain Fingerprint One Person

British banks have warned customers that want to record the fingerprints of several people on their iPhone, because in this case can be determined not to pay compensation in cases of fraud or abuse. According to the terms (pdf) of the banks is clear negligence.

In the conditions, the register multiple fingerprints on an iPhone compared to the failure to properly protect card and security data. Following the introduction of apple pay in July. Users can use a registered fingerprint on the smartphone Checkout namely for products and services, reports British newspaper the Daily Telegraph.

The British bank Lloyds speaks in emphatic terms about Touch ID, biometric fingerprint recognition from Apple. "When Touch ID on your phone is available, you should ensure that you only register your fingerprints and not of anyone else," the bank said. Via Touch ID allows users to store a total of ten different fingerprints. This can be useful for example, families or partners, but banks now say that if customers want to use apple pay, the other fingerprints should be removed.

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