Sunday, 8 November 2015

American Library Will Distribute USB Sticks With Privacy OS

The American library that previously defied all the Department of Homeland Security to run a Tor server does again of himself speaking, there is in fact decided to show a film about Snowden and USB sticks with the privacy operating system Tails to distribute to library visitors.

It is the Kilton Public Library in West Lebanon (New Hampshire), a community with 3500 inhabitants. The library was in the news because it had decided to set up a Tor server. The Tor network allows users to hide their IP address and visit censored websites. After an e-mail from the Department of Homeland Security and concerns of the police and the local administration, the library decided to temporarily stop the Tor server, but came back to that later turned server back on.

Among other things Edward Snowden responded to the decision by the library. Due to the positive reactions and tweet Snowden, the library authorities now decided next Tuesday Citizenfour, to show the documentary about Snowden, reports Valley News. In addition, USB sticks will be distributed to the privacy OS Tails. Tails (The Amnesic Incognito Live System) is a complete operating system that can be used from a DVD or USB stick. It is based on Debian and contains various tools to access the Internet anonymously. For example, among other things, made ​​use of the Tor-network.

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