Saturday, 14 November 2015

Leak In Smart TVs Vizio Gave Attacker Access To Home Network

More and more TVs equipped with so-called 'smart' functionality, but sometimes at the expense of security and privacy, so researchers at anti-virus company Avast investigated. The researchers looked at a smart television manufacturer Vizio, which recently due to transmission of the viewing habits came from users in the news.

During the study, there are several security issues with the television discovered. So the TV will connect to the domain, but in doing so does not check the offered certificate. The researchers were thus able to perform a man-in-the-middle attack. Ultimately, they know how to physically examine the device to gain root access.

This ultimately gives enough information to send via the man-in-the-middle-server commands to the television, which then the home network can be attacked. It also appears that the television transmits information on viewer behavior, regardless of whether users with the terms of use and privacy policies are agreed at the time that the television was first established. After being informed by Avast Vizio has corrected the vulnerability. In addition, users can transmit their viewing via an option in the menu off.

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