Sunday, 29 November 2015

NSA Stopped Mass Storage Phone Data

US intelligence NSA has stopped the massive storage of telephone data, so reporting news agency Reuters, CNN and the intercept. In June, President Barack Obama decided to implement various reform measures and to limit the powers of the NSA.

So the Secret Service should not collect unfocused phone records of US citizens. Instead, the NSA will now have to be more focused work, in which first a court order is required, after which telecom operators may be asked to keep phone records of certain people or groups of people for a maximum period of six months.

The measure is a victory for privacy advocates and saw Edward Snowden, who felt that the NSA had this much power to spy on citizens. However, the NSA has asked the court to be allowed to continue using the data stored to date to February 29, 2016 on a limited scale. The judge must still here a judgment on it.

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