Thursday, 19 November 2015

Botnet Tool Uses Twitter Direct Messages

Cyber criminals can control their botnet recently via Direct Messages on Twitter. The Python program Twittor called, was designed by the idea of GCAT, a similar program cyber criminals command & control servers to be managed via Gmail. Twittor made ​​by self-appointed security researcher Paul Amar and available from September, but is now observed by Sophos.

The tool uses direct messages on Twitter. The "advantage" of them, as compared to the conventional way of managing command & control servers, which the Direct Messages on Twitter are private. And the traffic is not stopped with IP filtering because Twittor use the Twitter API.

In addition, Twitter announced earlier this year that the limit of 140 characters is widened in private messages. This will therefore also more malicious traffic. The limitation is that there is a maximum of 1 000 direct messages per day can be sent.A botmaster can therefore no more than approximately 100 bots manage per account.

Many security tools such as Nmap and Metasploit, are not only useful for cyber criminals also useful for security researchers. Publishing a free tool that makes it possible to create a botnet via Twitter Direct Message operate seems an odd way of security research, says John Zorabedian Sophos.

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