Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Gmail App Allows Spoofing

The Gmail app for Android installed already standard on many smart phones, enables users to send spoof emails. Google acknowledges the findings, but still taking no steps to remedy it.

Security Researcher Yan Zhu discovered that it is possible in the Gmail app to send emails from a fake sender address. The trick is very simple and will only work with the Gmail app for Android.

If the display name is changed in the settings, the app itself removes the real address from which the message is sent. For the receiver it is therefore difficult to check the sender via the headers. For demonstration Zhu sent a mail from the account

Although not found bug is serious, it can easily be abused. Spoofing is a technique widely used by cyber criminals to lure potential victims to a particular site.

Yan Zhu its findings in late October when Google reported, writes Motherboard, but who denies that this is a vulnerability.

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