Friday, 20 November 2015

Big Malware Advertising Campaign Unraveled

Malwarebytes claims to have exposed one of the largest advertising campaigns to malware of recent months. With the campaign large numbers of visitors were redirected to websites casino while their computers were infected with malware.

The campaign focused on visitors somewhat questionable websites including torrents, live streams of the latest movies and pirated software. Some ads that were on those sites, visitors automatically sent by (without having to click on the ad) to one of the casino sites.


These sites were used as a diversion while there were loaded onto the background iframes variety of domains, which ultimately caused the Angler exploit kit to the victim was installed. Since this week would also Neutrino exploit kit can be used.

The ad campaign would be launched on October 21 and have lasted at least three weeks. That it took so long is, according Malwarebytes because both visitors and administrators of the dubious torrent sites had little need to report abuse, since they themselves were engaged in illegal content.

According SimilarWeb, a service that collects and analyzes data on website traffic, these ad networks generated in October visit more than two billion.

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