Saturday, 7 November 2015

CryptoWall-Ransomware Ransom Increases To 700 Euro

There is a new version of CryptoWall-surfaced ransomware that encrypts file names, victims speaks in a derogatory way and the ransom amount has increased to 700 euro, so researchers at the forum Bleeping Computer discovered.

CryptoWall is a form of ransomware which kinds of files on the computer encrypts. For decrypting victims must then pay. The first variant was last May discovered. This release early victims still 500 for decryption. If victims do not paid this amount was increased to 1,000 euros a time. With CryptoWall 4.0 that figure has now 1400 euros.

The new version also stands out because not only the contents of files are encrypted, but the file names. This is probably done to frustrate victims and make it difficult to determine which files need to be restored, says Lawrence Abrams Bleeping Computer. Like previous versions, removes all CryptoWall 4.0 Volume Shadow copies, turn off System Restore and Windows Startup Repair. Also makes use of the computer, on the basis of operating system and processor, a unique identification number.

Another change in Crypto 4.0 is the text to see victims of an encrypted computer get. Namely, that it has acquired a derogatory tone. So victims are addressed as "Congratulations !!! You have become part of the great CryptoWall community."It is also assumed that victims do not understand the explanations about encryption. Next, the creators which CryptoWall is not malicious and that together with the victims make the Internet safe. How the new version spreads exactly is unknown, but previous versions used mainly e-mail attachments and unpatched software.

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