Monday, 16 November 2015

Microsoft Removes Ransomware 24,000 Computers

Microsoft via the integrated removal tool in Windows this year of about 24 000 computers deleted ransomware. It is spread four ransomware families that spread via email attachments and drive-by downloads. To protect Windows users there is the MSRT.

This stands for Malicious Software Removal Tool. A built-in program that is updated every month with new signatures, mainly to detect active malware and remove. The MSRT is then carried out automatically on the system. This year there are already 29 new malware families added to the program, which in recent months was mainly focus on ransomware. This is because of the impact on victims and the number of infections. Since the removal tool is static and increasing numbers of new variants, Microsoft has this month decided to update the detection of different malware families.

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