Thursday, 26 November 2015

Tor Project Asks For First Time Donations

The Tor Project, the organization that maintains the Tor network and Tor Browser, asks Internet users for the first time running for donations. The website had been a button present to donate, but now it is actively sought donors wishing to contribute to the development of the Tor network.

A large part of the revenue of the Tor Project comes from the US government. To avoid too much of this funding only depend now decided a crowdfunding campaign launch. Since no restrictions on crowdfunding can sit the money thus brought to projects which are spent according to the Tor Project are most important and can react quickly to changing circumstances.

Through the Tor network, Internet users can hide their IP address and visit censored websites. It is used daily by 2.5 million people, including in totalitarian regimes. The Tor Project is self-described as an American non-profit organization that focuses on research, development and education of online anonymity and privacy. Although many people daily surf the Internet via Tor Browser and the Tor network, the donation button on the website has been used in previous years no 8,000 times.

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