Thursday, 19 November 2015

New Version Tesla Crypt Spotted In The Wild

There's a new version around the stubborn ransomware trojan Tesla Crypt. Although not much seems to have renewed the software, it is very difficult for them to komen.De off new variant, Tesla Crypt v2.2.0, encrypts files with the .ccc file extension, such as happened in previous versions.

What is new is that there are multiple names for ransom notification files. According to posts on forums that filename can vary and it looks like "_how_recover_.HTML 'or' _how_recover_.TXT.

The ransomware Crypt Tesla earlier this year for the first time discovered and has targeted files with extensions which had mainly to do with games. To regain access to the files, often $ 500 was demanded.

According Bleepingcomputer it is virtually impossible to undo the encryption of Tesla Crypt v2.2.0 without paying the cyber criminals. Because version 1 yet made ​​use of a symmetric encryption method, soon developed a tool to "liberate" hostage files without paying. This new variant is working tool which unfortunately no longer.

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