Friday, 13 November 2015

Phone Scammers Now Pose As Internet Service

Telephone scammers who call people at home and say that there are problems with the computer not only do more if Microsoft employees, they also pose as an employee of ISP and tell them that there are problems with the Internet connection.

These are for example a slow Internet connection that can be made ​​faster. To do victims have to download a program that telephone scammer can take control over the computer. Then there money stolen from bank accounts. This was reported by Financial Fraud Action UK. According to the organization there is an increase in the number of reported incidents of this scam.

During hear the phone call, victims that they are entitled to compensation. The scammer then asks if the victim wants to log into his bank account. However, the scammer still has access to the computer and displays a screen counterfeit bill making it look like the money is transferred. Is then transferred in the background money from the account.

In addition, the scammers ask for a transaction code, which would be needed to process the fee. In reality, this code is used to steal money from the account. To our knowledge does this scam occur only in Britain. The scam with the so-called Microsoft employees first began also in English-speaking countries, but later expanded to other countries.

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