Saturday, 7 November 2015

FBI Gives 'Plane Hacker' After Six Months Laptop Back

A US security expert was of a plane by the FBI in April this year met and interviewed has about six months later had his laptop and other digital devices of Investigation. Chris Roberts had sent a tweet in which he expressed his doubts about the safety of the aircraft network, but the American investigative thought he wanted to hack the plane of United Airlines.

After his arrest, he was questioned by the FBI for four hours and were his iPad, MacBook Pro, three hard disks and various USB drives seized. His phone was allowed to keep Roberts. A few weeks after the incident stated Roberts that he is asking for five years focus on the safety of aircraft systems. Although he was not prosecuted, he got his stuff back until this week, reports the American civil rights organization EFF.

"The laptop will treat me like ET ... will turn it into a controlled environment to see if it" calls home ":)", as Roberts jokes on Twitter. He has no plans to use the laptop. Experts warn him of any modified firmware that allows passwords to be collected.Another expert states that the laptop and other equipment as firewood should be considered. "

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