Thursday, 12 November 2015

Apple CEO Opposes British Espionage Legislation

Apple CEO Tim Cook opposes plans by the British government, which wants access to encrypted data via a new espionage laws. Last week, the British government presented a bill which telecom providers are called to work in the interest of national security along with more extensive investigative and intelligence.

During an interview with students of Trinity College in Dublin let Cook know that he wants to persuade the British government to change the plans, reports the Press Association. "We plan to continue to encrypt end-to-end without backdoor", so stated the Apple CEO. "We will cooperate with the authorities to try to convince them that it is also considering the national security is in their interest."

Cook warned that if there backdoors are added to software, anyone can enter. "We find that the safest approach to the world is to encrypt end-to-end, without backdoor. We think this protects most people." Yesterday Cook made ​​his concerns about dealing with encryption already clear. "To protect people using any product you should encrypt. Just look at all the data breaches that occur," he told in an interview with the Daily Telegraph know. Cook also said that the weakening of encryption is not a solution. "You have to strengthen it. You have to stay ahead of the people who want to crack it."

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