Saturday, 14 November 2015

2000 Sites Affected By Linux Ransomware

The ransomware that encrypts Linux web servers has already affected some 2,000 Web sites, but it is still unknown how systems get infected in the first place. Last week, reported the Russian anti-virus company Doctor Web that Linux ransomware had discovered.

The malware encrypted files and demanded one bitcoin, equivalent to 300 euros. The text file with instructions proved to be indexed by Google, so the number of affected sites could be mapped. Initially it went to a hundred websites, as shown by the Google search results. The Finnish anti-virus company F-Secure estimated, used on the basis of the bitcoin wallet that the ransomware that approximately 36 people of the requested ransom also had paid.

Now reports Doctor Web which now has around 2000 sites affected by the ransomware. This relates to WordPress websites and web shops running on Magento. The attackers know exactly how to enter, according to the virus fighter is not yet known.What is known is that it is still all about the first version of the Linux ransomware, which contains an error. This allows victims to free decrypt their data via a Bitdefender tool. Doctor Web warns that the chances are that the creators of the ransomware end up with a new version including all the problems are solved.

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