Friday, 6 November 2015

Encrypted Mail ProtonMail Service Back Online After DDoS Attack

Users of the free encrypted email service ProtonMail can back to their e-mail after the service became inaccessible due to multiple DDoS attacks. The attacks were only directed at first ProtonMail, but spread out to the Swiss data center where the servers are.

This also went to the websites of different tech companies and banks offline. "Despite our efforts do not manage to stop the attack, but we are trying to come back online," as ProtonMail said earlier in a blog posting know. This morning followed another attack. A few hours before the early e-mail service via Twitter to a data center in Switzerland "brave enough" to host servers ProtonMail.

Many providers would be afraid because of the scale of the DDoS attacks that will make the service. Despite the request and the recent attacks to the website of ProtonMail is now accessible again. The email service has been developed with the help of scientists from Harvard, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the European research lab CERN.

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