Friday, 27 November 2015

Ransomware Irritates Users Via Audio Message

Besides which also ransomware encrypts files or computers locking is ransomware that attacks only the browser, and a new variant users try a different way to force them to pay. The browser ransomware pretends to be "Microsoft Official Support".

A pop-up ransomware users to believe that there are problems with the computer and a phone number to be called. In addition, an audio message will be repeated continuously which states that there are viruses and adware on the computer are available and the specified number to be called to remove them. If users try to close the pop-up will open a new pop-up.

Unlike ransomware that encrypts or locks the computer files, browser-ransomware is easy to solve. Users can close the browser using the Task Manager, which is also browser-ransomware disappears. Security firm RSA says that despite the simplicity of the solution, this ransomware focuses on users who have no knowledge of this type of threat or know how they can remedy via Task Manager, and finally call the telephone number provided. This number is then the victim of scam artists who try to light up.

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