Saturday, 28 November 2015

Hacked Site Reader's Digest Spread Malware

Attackers have managed to hack the website of Reader's Digest and use this now to spread malware. Before that anti-malware company cautions Malwarebytes. According to the company, there is an increase in the number of hacked WordPress websites and Reader's Digest is one of them.

On the hacked websites is placed code that visitors unnoticed to a page with the Angler-exploitkit forward. This exploitkit is using known vulnerabilities in Adobe Flash Player and Internet Explorer users have not patched. In case the attack is being installed Bedep Trojan on the computer successfully, which can install additional malware again.

Reader's Digest was a few days ago warned by Malwarebytes, but the security company and got no response when a blog posting about the infection appeared online yesterday distributed the website still malware.

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