Thursday, 26 November 2015

Hacker Creates Tool That Disables Chip & Pin

The well-known hacker Samy Kamkar has a new tool developed by which he can disable the Chip & Pin feature on credit cards and it is possible to emulate credit cards and magnetic stripes. In this way, all credit cards and magnetic stripes of someone on one device can be stored.

It can also MagSpoof like Kamkar calls his creation, predicting credit card numbers and expiration dates of American Express. For this there is need a full credit card number, but it does not matter if this number ever reported missing in the past or has been reported stolen. MagSpoof is able to generate a strong electromagnetic field which emulates a traditional magnetic stripe card. Kamkar remarks that MagSpoof does not make it possible to use credit cards of others. Moreover, opportunities for American Express numbers to predict and Chip & PIN disable not in the present version has made ​​available to the hacker.

The device is therefore intended primarily for conducting research into magnetic stripes, micro controllers and electromagnetism. During the development of MagSpoof Kamkar discovered that he also Chip & Pin feature of the card can be disabling. If users with a debit card with Chip & PIN using their magstripe the payment will say that the user must map "dipping" for added security.

The information on the card Chip & Pin features is stored in the magnetic strip. Kamkar discovered that he can adjust this. As a result, it is possible to not be required for dipping to a card with Chip & Pin, while the transaction is carried out simply. In this way, the security measure may be bypassed. To help researchers away Kamkar the blueprint MagSpoof published as well as the software and required components. According to the hacker's machine is easy via an Arduino and other general parts to put together.

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