Monday, 23 November 2015

FBI Warns Officials For Attacks By Hacktivists

The FBI has a warning issued in which the police and other government staff warns of cyber attacks by hacktivists. In addition to attacks in which there is information about agents and officials is gathered and published, there have also been attacks observed attempting to hack into the email accounts of agents and officials.

Recently, there was still an old private mail account CIA director cracked. According to the FBI's use of social media can increase the chance of being attacked. The attacks are not directly aimed at the person but are carried out via eg the ISP or email provider. Thus, the attackers use social engineering to steal information from these parties, which they eventually gain access to email accounts.


To limit such attacks advises the FBI's use of two-factor authentication, turn on privacy settings, limiting the social media footprint, no post information about work or function online, be careful with online responses, secret questions and answers unanswerable simply, regularly changing passwords is also more than 15 characters and should also advise families to secure their accounts properly. The FBI provides advice to government personnel to periodically check what information about themselves online to find.

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