Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Hilton Hotel Chain Discovered Malware On POS Systems

Hilton hotel chain has customers warned that possibly their credit card information stolen after it different POS systems malware has been detected. The malware was designed to steal the name of cardholder, credit card numbers, security codes and expiry dates.

Address details and PINs would not be captured. The malware was active from November 18 to December 5 last year and from April 21 to July 27 of this year. Customers in this period at a Hilton Worldwide hotel have used their credit cards are advised to check their statements. The chain does not know how many credit cards may be compromised and how the POS systems became infected. The malware was eventually discovered through its own systems.

Hilton further states that customers generally not for fraudulent activity on their debit are responsible and should notify their bank if they find irregularities. Furthermore, the chain offers customers a year of free credit monitoring. The malware would by now have been removed and the security of the hotel systems have been tightened.

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