Tuesday, 24 November 2015

German Government: TrueCrypt Still Suitable For Encryption

The popular encryption software TrueCrypt is still suitable for encrypting files, according to the German government on the basis of study (pdf) conducted by the renowned Fraunhofer Institute. Last year the decision makers of the software to cease support.

Also, the use of the encryption software was not recommended. The German Federal Office for Security in Information Technology, part of the German Ministry of the Interior, therefore, gave the Fraunhofer Institute therefore to investigate the commission for vulnerabilities in TrueCrypt. The encryption software was in fact also recommended for encrypting confidential information.

According to the researchers TrueCrypt still suitable for encryption of data on storage media. "Especially in mobile scenarios, such as the use of laptops or USB storage, disk encryption or encrypted containers are very important for protecting critical data," said Thomas Caspers of the BSI. The researchers do say that there are several problems. For example, the use of cryptography in TrueCrypt is not optimal.

Nevertheless, the researchers do not give negative advice. Caspers according to the study provides a sound basis for determining the safety that can provide TrueCrypt and derivatives. Thus, in Germany a customized version of TrueCrypt developed called Trusted Disk. In addition, the research may help to improve these programs, according to the BSI.

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