Sunday, 8 November 2015

Ransomware Destroys Files By Programming Error

A new ransomware variant that is currently scattered ensures that victims will never recover encrypted files, even if they decide to pay the ransom of 700 euro on time. Because the developer has made a major programming error.

Power Worm ransomware uses AES encryption to encrypt the files on infected computers, but then throws away the key.Since the decryption key is not initialized in time and saved, the victim can never recover his files, even if he pays, warns Lawrence Abrams forum BleepingComputer. He advises victims would not have to pay, because they will not recover their files will.

Abrams says that researchers BleepingComputer choose to make no bugs and bugs in ransomware known as the creators can then resolve the issue. In this case they make an exception and it is the ransomware developer even explained how he can rectify his mistake. This must be the case that his creation continues to destroy the files of victims.

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