Tuesday, 17 November 2015

American Police Cameras Contain Conficker Worm

Cameras US police seem standard to include the Win32 / Conficker.B! Inf worm. The malware is installed and can easily infect unprotected PCs. That network integrator iPower Technologies discovered. This company is the producer of cameras Martel Electronics testing and technical in screening since iPower a cloud storage service for the action cameras is developing on behalf of the US government.


According to Jarrett Pavao and Charles Auchinleck of iPower is the Conficker virus once the camera is connected to a protected computer, put immediately into quarantine. Unprotected computers are infected, however, and there is the worm itself spread further over the network and internet.

According to Pavao and Auchinleck is not about an incidental finding, but has been demonstrated the presence of the worm several times. The producer of the camera has promised to come up with an explanation.

The GPS cameras, which each cost about $ 500, by agents but also by other officials worn on the body in the United States to capture street actions on screen.

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