Friday, 27 November 2015

FBI Suspect In Case Of 1.2 billion Stolen Logins

The FBI has a suspect in the case of 1.2 billion stolen usernames and passwords. Last August announced the US firm Hold Security that it had uncovered a gang that through SQL-injection 1.2 billion unique passwords had been stolen at about 420,000 websites.

Research documents from the FBI show that the investigation service has found an email address that may be involved in the theft. The email address was registered in 2010 and was one of "mister gray" who offered his spam services. As part of the investigation, the FBI discovered on a Russian hacking forum a message from one "mr.grey" which in 2011 the login details of Facebook, Twitter and UK users offered. The information comes from a request from the FBI last year submitted to search e-mail and data last week has become public and which news agency Reuters on message. Further details about the state of research are lacking.

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