Thursday, 4 June 2015

Millions Of Consumers Attacked Through Contaminated Ads

In the first months of this year are infected ads used to attack millions of consumers on the web, as sets anti-virus company Malwarebytes. These are ads that use three zero-day vulnerabilities were in Adobe Flash Player. The ads appeared on popular websites such as The Huffington Post, and video site Dailymotion, which get millions of visitors per month.

According Malwarebytes is the malicious use of advertisements helped by the real-time bidding on ad space. This allows advertisers to provide real-time on specific targets and prevent the infected ads are not interesting targets are displayed to.An analysis of one attack campaign shows that infected 1,000 ad impressions on major websites at busy times 0.68 cents was paid. At this quieter time fell to 0.06 euro cents.

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