Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Ransomware-Maker Repents And Gives Decryption Keys Away

Last Monday, numerous computers suddenly by a new ransomware variant called Locker hit a small amount to the victims asked for decryption, but the automaker would now regret his actions and provides all the decryption keys free of charge.

In addition, the ransomware on June 2 will automatically create all encrypted files accessible. Locker really came up out of nowhere. The ransomware had for some time on computers running before it on May 25 suddenly proceeded to encrypt files.At various forums complained large numbers of users that their files were encrypted suddenly. Unlike other ransomware variants, which require hundreds of dollars, Locker asked a sum of 22 euros for decrypting the files.

On Saturday put someone who "Poka Bright Minds" calls a message on Pastebin . In it he claims to be responsible for Locker. According to him it was never intended to spread the ransomware. The online storage Mega he has now a file with bitcoin addresses and keys installed. The forum Bleeping Computer confirms that the file actually contains the keys of victims. In addition, on June 2, the automatic start decryption. How the malware spread exactly is still unknown.

File Information 
Name: database_dump.csv
Size: 127.5 MB
MD5: d4d781412e562b76fe0db0977cf6279b
SHA-1: 6ba671ce2a6c256c74d7db81186b0dbddd5e2185
SHA-256: d7fd791b86615fada64fe0290aecb70e5584b9ac570e7b55534555a3b468b33f

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Mega Link

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