Monday, 2 November 2015

British Vodafone Customers Hacked Via Reused Password

More than 1800 British Vodafone customers have been hacked by them the password to their Vodafone account also used for other websites, as has informed the telecom provider know. The provider allows attackers this week have attempted to access the account details of customers.

This made the attackers use email addresses and passwords from an unknown outside source. According to Vodafone's own systems are not hacked. Through the data, the attackers were able to log on to the accounts of customers in 1827. In addition, the attackers may access names, phone numbers, bank identification codes and the last four digits of the bank account given.

In a "handful" affected customers attempting to use this data for fraudulent purposes on their Vodafone account. According to Vodafone, criminals can commit fraud with the stolen data and customers run the risk of being targeted by phishing attacks.The provider of these customers blocked the account and they then informed and helped to change the account information.Also, the British police have opened an investigation.

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