Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Creator Of 'Hacking Tools' Denounces False Alarms By Anti-Virus

The creator of several popular tools for recovering passwords and product keys for Windows and Office criticizes the fact that there are still virus scanners are regarded as malware programs. It is NirSoft, provider of various "recovery tools.

It occurs regularly warn that anti-virus programs for software NirSoft. Developer Nir Sofer says to understand this, because attackers are able to use software. It is important that we explain in the case of a warning that the software itself is not malicious, but can be used by others and if a warning appears. Many Internet users check files on the VirusTotal website, with about 50 different virus scanners assess the uploaded file. However, in making this assessment lacks the explanation, allowing users to mistakenly believe that the tools of NirSoft are malignant, said Sofer.

Therefore, he has research carried out into the scanners on VirusTotal and how to deal with several of its programs. Twelve products thereby not provide an alarm once, which Panda Security is the main supplier. In the event a virus strikes or alarm gets the product flaws. There is counted down in this case of 100. However, if the virus indicates that it is a 'hack tool' or 'password viewer', points are added together again. Eventually put three products a negative score down, namely Antiy (-6.5) TheHacker (-230.5) and Bkav which opens for all reports on -1280.5. Most virus hit about 10 times alarm and thus setting a score of 80 or higher down.

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