Monday, 2 November 2015

Flash Player And Internet Explorer Favorite Cyber Criminal

Internet users who do not update their software run mainly risk of becoming infected with malware if they use Adobe Flash Player and Microsoft Internet Explorer, according to figures from the Russian anti-virus firm Kaspersky Lab. This involves infections via so-called "drive-by downloads."

These cyber criminals use of exploit kits, which automatically infect Internet through unpatched vulnerabilities with malware.Most kits include attacks to exploit vulnerabilities in IE, Flash Player and Silverlight. It is in all of these cases vulnerabilities this year by Adobe and Microsoft were patched. We look at the attacked software, it is mainly Flash Player and Internet Explorer. Attacks on Java even took off. In recent exploit kits there are no exploits for Java included.

Kaspersky Lab also looked at attacks from "web resources" and where those resources are located. 

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